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Vista Dermatology offers VI Peel!

This customized treatment is designed to target pigmentation, acne, and aging. It’s a painless, effective treatment available only through authorized clinicians such as Dr. Muñoz.

Here are some questions you may have about the procedure:

I found a VI Peel product online. Can I buy it and apply it myself?

No! VI Peel is a medical in-office treatment and needs to be applied by a trained VI provider. If you find a VI Peel product for sale online, it is probably through an unauthorized retailer that is not a credible VI Peel source, and therefore may not be safe to use.

What skincare products should I use after getting a VI Peel to maintain my results?

The peel kit comes with a generous size sunscreen, cleanser and moisturizer for you to take home.

Can I get a VI Peel if I have eczema?

VI Peel treatments are typically not recommended for patients with Eczema.

How many peels do I need to start seeing results?

Everyone’s skin is different, and the number of peels needed for desired results varies from person to person, and from skin condition to skin condition. Three to six treatments are usually required for optimum results.

Does the treatment burn?

No. You may experience slight warmness and tingling in the beginning, but this should quickly subside. Besides the warmness and tingling, VI Peel treatments are virtually painless.

It’s my first night after treatment and I’m itchy. What should I do?

It is normal to experience itching on the first night of your VI Peel treatment. You may apply the Post Treatment Repair anti-itch Cream to your skin throughout the night. Avoid scratching!

When can I wear makeup after a VI Peel?

After the VI Peel solution is applied to the skin, no makeup or any topical products can be applied for the first four hours. You can apply makeup after you’ve completed the “Four Hour Post-Treatment” steps.

When can I get my next facial, waxing, etc.?

Most treatments are safe for your skin after four weeks, but we’ll advise you on exact time frames.

When can I shave?

You can shave once the peeling process has completed (About seven days after you receive your VI Peel treatment).

When can I go into the sun?

You want to avoid direct and extreme sun exposure for the first seven days. Make sure you’re applying your VI Derm SPF 50 Sunscreen (provided in your Aftercare Kit) every morning. Also note that lifestyle sun exposure, like running errands, going for a walk, walking your dog, grabbing coffee, and driving, are all fine, provided you are following the usual precautions such as protecting your skin from the sun by wearing SPF and a hat.

Find out if the VI Peel treatment is right for you! Contact us at (210) 698-0500 for a consultation.

Ask us about ToxBooster!

Dr. Muñoz will enhance your VI Peel by treating you with Botox immediately after. Known as ToxBooster, this treatment works together in harmony. VI Peel tales care of the skin conditions that Botox doesn’t address, while Botox does the same!




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